3/4 lb. Whipped Honey


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12 oz by weight whipped or creamed (or “spun”) honey.  Nothing added, this is the same 100% raw & local honey from our hives, but it’s pre-crystalized under conditions of constant stirring, which keeps the texture silky smooth.  You can stir it into tea just like the clear stuff, but this has a stiffer consistency so you can also spread it on toast, make PB & honey sandwiches, etc. and it won’t go running down to your elbow on the way to your mouth.  The crystalization process also concentrates the natural flavors in the honey, making this the tastiest of any of the forms of honey we sell.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it crystalizing on you (that’s already done!).  So if you don’t eat a lot of honey, or you just want to leave a jar at the camp, this is the way to go.  If you keep it below about 90 degrees, and keep the lid on tight, it will retain its current consistency indefinitely.


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