24 oz. Creamed Honey


Whipped honey, 1.5 pounds, in a 1-pint glass Mason jar.  Local pick and delivery only available for this item.

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1.5 pounds of whipped honey.  Whipped honey is just crystalized honey that’s been stirred vigorously (or “whipped”) over a period of weeks while it’s crystalizing to prevent the sugar crystals getting too large and grainy.  The result is a creamy smooth, spreadable honey that’s great on toast or (our favorite) peanut-butter and honey sandwiches.  Plus, because it’s already crystalized, you don’t need to feel rushed about eating the whole jar before it crystalizes on its own.*.  Just keep the lid on tight, so it doesn’t pick up moisture from the air, and it will last years in this state.

* A note on crystallization:  all honey crystalizes over time, as the glucose molecules in the honey naturally find each other and arrange into stable crystal lattices.  This process can be accelerated by storing honey between 50-60 degrees F, and/or by pollen or other “nucleants” either naturally present or added.  Crystallization can be prevented by storing it at room temperature, and crystalized honey can be restored to its liquid state by letting it sit (in its sealed container) in a pan of warm water overnight.  Just don’t let it get above 110 F, or the beneficial proteins in the honey will denature and it will no longer be considered “raw”.  Commercially, honey is filtered to remove pollen and other nucleants – usually while heating to make it flow faster – in order to minimize its propensity for crystallization and therefore maximize its liquid-state shelf life.  We DO NOT heat or filter ANY of our honey, and find it doesn’t make much difference anyway, since natural crystallization takes 6 months or more to set in.


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